About Us

Onyx Valeting was born when we just had enough of spending so much money, time and effort at the car wash. Coming home and then seeing new swirl marks added; paying for premium valets that should include polishes but could never see them last long; we had enough! So we decided we will open our own car wash - a car wash like no other. Premium and quality products and services ONLY. But to achieve that dream first we had to educate our customers about what services are out there and what can be achieved and to do this we decided to set up a mobile unit. This will still be run alongside the car wash but for now we decided to get our customers loyal to us by showing and proving what can be achieved with the right services. -THE BIRTH

We aim to use products from local suppliers as we are very keen on helping local businesses to grow but that does not mean our products are sub-par, NO our products can be purchased without any trade accounts and once we are finished with a job they speak for themselves. We take immense pride in our service and products and will never overlook any small detail. Our goal is not to hate on your local car wash but rather to inform about how we are different from the local £5 car wash. Each one of our services are considered 'full valets' and some of our services are actually cheaper than the generic car wash and the reason for that is we absolutely LOVE doing what we do; come rain or shine. Everyone is a fan of shiny glossy cars no matter what you drive. We also believe finishing a hard day at work and walking back to a car that just oozes lustre immediately lifts your mood, when you sit inside and the car just feels like its new, just excites all the senses, everything is in its place it does wonders to your soul and there is no job more worthwhile than something that does this to your soul. -MORE THAN JUST A VALET

We believe highly in karma and giving and taking; that is why there is a charitable donation set up to provide water to millions of people around the globe. We find it hard to believe we can send rockets into space and send pictures of the Earth back through nothingness and still have millions of people around the world unable to access clean drinking water and we are fortunate enough to have enough supply of water to wash cars - unimaginable by the people dying of thirst; therefore any services booked through us we will donate £1.00 through Pledgeling Give and Grow service directly through the sale. If you want to get involved you will also have the option to donate £1.00 in the shopping cart. 

We would like to take this opportunity to Thank every single person who will read this and book our services; We are only here to make life more enjoyable for you guys by taking the stress out of maintaining and cleaning your vehicles; the place where you spend more time than your own house.

We would also like to make everyone aware we are not affiliated with any of the companies on our homepage; we only use their products. They have no affiliation with us through business other than we use their products and are happy to share them with you guys. We have direct permission to use their logos.