Onyx Car Care

Perfection. It's an obsession. Nothing describes us better than this statement. Unparalleled care and attention to detail in conjunction with high standards creates the most premium mobile car care service available at affordable prices. Adhering to strict policies and wash techniques, we go above and beyond to make sure each vehicle we attend to is given the exact same amount of care, attention and more importantly our quality of service. Check out our services here.

Products. It's the soul of our work. We only use the best of chemicals, not bulk buy cheap products, that you can view in our van at all times. Just to name a few brands we use constantly are Chemical Guys, Auto Finesse, Meguiar's, Auto Smart & Autoglym among others. Using premium quality products leaves a premium finish so good that it will get you addicted to our services. 

But it's not all about just the products; you need to know how to use each product and which product will conflict or complement each other. Through our years of experience and numerous training days with suppliers we have knowledge of a wide variety of wash and clean techniques that we implement on each and every job. These include the most famed 2 bucket method among others including multiple bucket methods, multiple mitt methods and single bucket, waterless washes and so on. The main reason the method is important is to avoid damaging the paint with swirl marks (light scratches that can be seen in sunlight) or using strong chemicals when not needed. 2 bucket method is tried and tested method standing up to the test of time as one bucket is used for rinsing the mitt while the other one holds clean shampoo and water. This is for the body only and another bucket is used for the wheels (sometimes a bucket is not needed while attending to wheels and tyres). We have also used so many products over time that we now know exactly what product will compliment another product which will enhance the overall look and the capabilities of the products. This used with expert knowledge of exact chemical dilutions needed for each vehicle gives the paintwork the therapy it so longed for just to give off the immense shine and lustre.

Customer service. The very essence of our business. Without customer service our business would not live and this can be seen across the internet from numerous reviews left by our clients. Without singing about it, you can expect professionalism, good manners and excellent behaviour from our vetted employees at all times; meaning we are the people for you car. We have strict policies in place for all our employees to follow from uniform to behaviour to complaints (if we ever get one). Our clients can get a full refund if booked via website and due to unforeseen circumstances cannot uphold the appointment. Please see our refund policy here.

Your vehicle is not just a means of transport, it's your ride, and you ride needs to look the part too.